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Step into the hallowed halls of the distinguished corporate headquarters of Lux Cozi, a true industrial titan, located at the esteemed Salt Lake,  Adventz Infinity building in Sector V, Kolkata.

As you enter the expansive reception area spanning 1200 sq.ft., a palpable sense of hospitality envelops you, extending a gracious welcome to guests, clients, and employees alike. This space provides a tantalizing glimpse into the meticulous design aesthetics that characterize the entire office. The walls, adorned with fine quality veneer and contemporary woodwork, exude warmth and sophistication. Notably, the metal partition behind the reception desk is a bespoke creation sourced from Mumbai, a testament to the attention to detail that defines Lux Cozi.

A true marvel awaits as you venture further into the office's heart, where a captivating History Wall narrates the company's journey through triumphs and tribulations. This art installation serves as a tribute to the company's legacy, achievements, and dedication.

Navigating through the dry-walled partitions, you'll arrive at the expansive staff area, sprawling across 50,000 sq.ft. The plush carpet flooring interspersed with custom modular furniture creates a conducive and comfortable work environment. The exposed wooden rafter ceiling not only adds a touch of rustic charm but also symbolizes the company's belief that aspirations are boundless—like an infinite journey towards success.

Incorporating spirituality as a cornerstone of their culture, the office houses an elaborate temple or Mandir, meticulously crafted from solid wood with intricate handiwork. The flooring, a harmonious blend of Jaisalmer stone and marble inlays, fosters a sense of dedication and perfection in one's endeavors.

The Managing Director's sprawling office stands as a testament to exquisite design and decor. The marble flooring and personalized wooden furniture resonate with the tone befitting the leader spearheading the company into a prosperous future. Adorned with artwork sourced from around the world, the office walls exude a sense of global refinement. The indoor plants introduce tranquility amidst the bustling urban surroundings, providing a motivational backdrop for efficient work.

Adjacent to the MD's office, the VIP waiting lounge radiates opulence with its rich wooden flooring and tasteful artwork. The infusion of greenery through decorative plants lends an air of elegance and vitality.

The conference room, carpeted and capable of accommodating up to 42 individuals, boasts a contemporary stretch ceiling and chic light installations—truly a crucible where future ideas take shape.

A dedicated personal dining area caters to celebratory meals for up to 10 individuals, fostering camaraderie and connection.

For the broader staff, a commodious 1800 sqft. cafeteria beckons—a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation amidst a busy workday.

The opulence extends to convenience with multiple marble and tile-clad restrooms, a reflection of the affluence that permeates every facet of the Lux Cozi office space.

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