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Welcome to Vyom, a 2500 sq. ft. masterpiece of opulence nestled within the prestigious luxury project in Kolkata. This resplendent abode boasts four lavish bedrooms, each with its own attached bathroom, complemented by an additional common bathroom. The living-dining area is generously proportioned, offering a seamless fusion of space and elegance. The kitchen is a work of art in itself, exuding both functionality and beauty.

While Vyom's expanse might not be sprawling, its essence is undeniably opulent. The space is adorned with an array of exquisite art pieces that tell stories from around the world. The floors, adorned with pristine white Statuario marble, serve as the perfect canvas for the rich tapestry of luxury that unfolds within.

Italian craftsmanship takes center stage, with meticulously handpicked custom furniture adorning the space. Wardrobes, wall paneling, and select pieces of furniture showcase top-tier quality and artistry. Every aspect of design and décor has been meticulously curated to create a harmonious symphony of luxury and comfort.

The bathrooms are not just functional spaces but individual havens tailored to diverse tastes and requirements. An adjacent room has been ingeniously transformed into an extended master bedroom, offering a secluded sanctuary for moments of self-indulgence. A sleek Italian JB glass sliding partition demarcates this private oasis.

Attention to detail is evident in every corner. Veneers sourced from the renowned Italian brand Tabu grace the interiors, while raw silk wallpapers add an organic and soothing touch. Art installations by the esteemed Hyderabad-based company Hoozinc grace the walls, infusing artistic brilliance into the ambiance.

Lighting, both decorative and architectural, is an orchestra of luminescence. Imported pieces from various Italian brands and Delhi's Light Box illuminate the space. European Bram Modular contributes its finesse through architectural lighting elements.

The heart of the home, the kitchen, comes from the prestigious German brand Nolte, seamlessly blending luxury and functionality. Smart automation by Snider infuses modernity, ensuring that everything from curtains to AC, TV, and music systems are at your fingertips. The music system and speakers, thoughtfully designed by a renowned sound engineer, promise an immersive auditory experience.

Eco-friendly extravagance graces the soft furnishings, with fabrics that are as lavish as they are conscious. The mandir, a spiritual haven, showcases real gold Tanzor work, radiating divinity and grandeur. Even the main door handle is a masterpiece, curated from the celebrated metal sculptor Vikram Goyal's collection.

Vyom isn't just a home; it's a symphony of luxury, technology, and artistic expression. From the moment you step into the entrance foyer, the rhythm of opulence resonates through every corner, creating an unrivaled living experience that seamlessly blends timeless sophistication with cutting-edge innovation.

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